Welcome to my neat server!

Port: 19132

I've spent quite some time to make it interesting and unique.
There're plenty of corners for you to explore. And, obviously, plenty of games!
I regularly add something new.
Come on in and enjoy!

How to connect to Minecraft PE Server

- Tap "Play" on the start screen:

- Select "Servers" tab on the top:

You will now see a server list. It coudl be empty or not.
- Scroll the list to the very bottom:

- Tap "Add Server":

- Name the server (write anything in the box), address for the server: “” Leave port unchanged (19132), then tap "Save":

Now you should see server on the server list.
- To connect tap on the server and then on "Join Server"

That's it! You're on the server. Go for the top rankings and win!

If you are connecting for the first time, you could be asked to register so no one could use your name
— Tap "Chat" at the top of the screen:

- Type "/register" in the chat window, and then password you wish to use:

Once registered you'll see "You've been authenticated" message: