Welcome to my neat server!

Port: 19132

I've spent quite some time to make it interesting and unique.
There're plenty of corners for you to explore. And, obviously, plenty of games!
I regularly add something new.
Come on in and enjoy!

How to connect to Minecraft PE Server

- Tap "Play" on the start screen:

You will now see a server list. It coudl be empty or not.
- Tap "New" at the top right:

- Tap "+/->" in the top right corner:

- Name the server (write anything in the box), address for the server: “” Leave port unchanged (19132), then tap "Add server":

- If you're still on "Create a world" page then tap "Back":

Now you should see server on the server list.
- To connect tap on the server:

If you are connecting for the first time, you have to register so no one could use your name
— Tap "Chat" at the top of the screen:

- Type "/register" in the chat window, and then password you wish to use:

Once registered you'll see "You've been authenticated" message:

That's it! You're on the server. Go for the top rankings and win!